Wedding Flower Meanings: How to Personalize Your Wedding Day

Wedding Flower Meanings

Wedding Flower Meanings: How to Personalize Your Wedding Day

Flowers are an essential part of any wedding, especially regarding your ceremony arrangements and wedding bouquet. Choosing what type of flowers to feature at your wedding is much deeper than picking what colors you want since every flower has a different meaning. Flowers play an integral role in the storytelling of your wedding day, so it’s important to understand the different wedding flower meanings so you can personalize your wedding day.

Wedding Flower Meanings: How to Convey Emotion on Your Wedding Day

Alstroemeria: Also known as a Peruvian lily or lily of the Incas, alstroemeria flowers symbolize fortune, devotion, grace, wealth, and prosperity.

Amaranthus: A symbol of immortality, amaranthus flowers represent everlasting love, unfading faith, affection, prosperity, and good luck.

Amaryllis: Representing hope, determination, strength, love, and beauty, amaryllis flowers come in various colors and are an excellent choice for wedding arrangements.

Baby’s Breath: Considered to be a traditional wedding flower, baby’s breath symbolizes eternal love, innocence, and unity.

Birds of Paradise: The perfect choice for a tropical wedding, the bird of paradise flower represents excitement, thoughtfulness, joyfulness, faithfulness, and love.

Calla Lily: A popular wedding flower, the calla lily represents innocence, elegance, regality, faithfulness, and beauty.

Camellia: No matter the hue, the camellia flower symbolizes purity, love, faithfulness, beauty, perfection, and gratitude.

Cherry Blossom: A beautiful way to add volume to your flower arrangements, cherry blossoms signify love in its purest form, sexuality, strength, and beauty.

Chrysanthemum: Also known as a mum, chrysanthemums are associated with feelings of love, happiness, loyalty, joy, and hope, as well as life and rebirth.

Eucalyptus: Eucalyptus not only smells great, but it’s excellent when used as filler. Symbolizing abundance and protection, eucalyptus is an excellent wedding décor choice.

Freesia: This spring favorite has a sweet fragrance that fills the air and comes in an array of colors while symbolizing friendship and innocence.

Gardenia: A common flower for brides to wear in their hair. Besides the heavenly smell, gardenias represent communication, love, joy, and purity.

Iris: These stunning purple flowers look great, no matter the floral arrangement. Iris represents courage, wisdom, faith, hope, and bravery.

Lavender: This herbal favorite is fragrant and excellent as a stand-alone or in a bouquet. Lavender symbolizes love, virtue, devotion, and loyalty.

Magnolia: This flower has stood the test of time with its distinctive fragrance and petal-like tepals. Use magnolia to represent purity, nobility, dignity, stability, and luck.

Orchids: Orchids come in an array of colors that can match any wedding color palette. Use orchids in your wedding to symbolize luxury, strength, charm, refinement, beauty, and love.

Peony: These big, beautiful, bold flowers make a statement as they symbolize romance, prosperity, good fortune, and a happy marriage.

Ranunculus: Ranunculus has a similar appearance to camellias and comes in various colors. This beautiful flower represents joy, attractiveness, charm, romance, elegance, and love.

Stephanotis: Treasured for its sweet scent and beauty, this flower is perfect for your wedding as it symbolizes luck and a happy marriage.