Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: What to Bring and Wear

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: What to Bring and Wear

Buying a wedding dress is one of the most exciting and stressful aspects of wedding planning. Many have dreamed of finding the perfect wedding dress since childhood, and when it comes time to bring that fantasy to reality, it can be exhilarating and even a bit overwhelming. But just like everything in life, there are always bumps in the road, but many can be avoided if you know what to expect and you are prepared. To help you find the wedding dress of your dreams, check out these helpful wedding dress shopping tips below!

Wedding Dress Shopping Tips: What to Bring and Wear When Wedding Dress Shopping

Photos for Inspiration

If you have an idea of what you are looking for, it can help the process considerably. Bringing photos (physical or digital) for inspiration when wedding dress shopping can help your bridal consultant understand and narrow down what you are looking for. Plus, you never know. They might carry that one particular dress that caught your eye.

A Trusted Friend or Family Member

Bringing someone with you when wedding dress shopping can be a huge help since you can get opinions from someone you trust. Just make sure you only bring a trusted friend or family member and avoid bringing too many people with you if you want to avoid getting too many conflicting opinions. However, flying solo is always a good option if you prefer to go wedding dress shopping alone.

Different Pairs of Shoes

More than likely, you don’t already have your wedding shoes picked out, but even if you do, bring them or different pairs of shoes to help you envision what you will look like on your wedding day. Bring a pair of flats, heels, and wedges (or another type of shoe you envision) to try on, along with potential wedding dresses.

Hydration and Snacks

Trying on wedding dresses on an empty stomach is not recommended, so don’t leave the house hungry. The last thing you want is to be hungry while dress shopping, especially since this might become an all-day affair. So be sure to bring healthy snacks and water with you so you can stay satiated throughout the day, even if you are planning on having a lunch break carved out.

Nude Undergarments

Even though you aren’t wearing the dresses you are trying on out of the store and in public, you still don’t want to see your undergarments through the dress you are trying on. This can make it challenging to envision how you will look on your wedding day, so avoid wearing dark or bright colors to avoid harsh lines. Instead, wear nude undergarments so you don’t have to worry about your clothes bleeding through.