How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Plan a Destination Wedding

How to Plan a Destination Wedding

Planning a wedding can be an arduous task. While worth it in the end, the process can be overwhelming at times since there are many small parts to put together. But if you plan on having your wedding elsewhere, this can make the process much more challenging. Since you are not local to the area, research is essential, and covering all the bases is key, so you need to be prepared.
When it comes time to plan a destination wedding, you may need help knowing where to begin. Let this helpful guide prepare you for what to expect so you can plan the wedding of your dreams.

What You MUST Do When You Plan a Destination Wedding

There are many advantages to having a destination wedding, even though they often take more preparation to organize and plan. But don’t fret; this destination wedding guide is sure to help.

Pick a Location

If you have a location that is special to you, then this could be a great location to host your wedding. However, make sure you understand the travel requirements and restrictions before you dive deep into wedding planning. Unless you plan on having a wedding that doesn’t include guests, you need to consider your guests. Will they need a visa or a passport to attend your wedding? This needs to be considered, as well as political and health concerns and travel warnings.

Choose a Wedding Date

When it comes to picking a date, besides considering you and your spouse’s availability, be sure to consider weather conditions (especially hurricane season) and if you plan on having your wedding during the peak or off-season. While certain locations can have terrible weather during the off-season, this will not always be the case. Look into the typical weather patterns for each month and the costs associated with visiting and getting married during those months.

Send Wedding Announcements Early

It would be best to give your guests enough time to prepare for your wedding and arrange their travel plans. Send your save-the-date announcements eight to twelve months before your wedding date and send out the official wedding invitations five to six months before the wedding. You don’t want to send anything at the last second since that can increase the price of travel and hotels.

Research Marriage Requirements

Researching local marriage requirements is a must before you can legally wed in another country. After months of planning, the last thing you want is to have that unwanted surprise, so before you plan your dream wedding, read up on the residency requirements and find out what you need. If you cannot have your wedding legally recognized, you might want to tie the knot in a civil ceremony before you go. This way, you can ensure that your marriage is legal.