The 5 Most Popular Wedding Cake Traditions

Wedding Cake Traditions

The 5 Most Popular Wedding Cake Traditions

Weddings are steeped in tradition, and many customs have stood the test of time. Every wedding tradition has a special meaning and is significant to any marriage ceremony. A key element to any wedding, a wedding cake is a delicious way to celebrate tradition and the culmination of your love for one another. While modern wedding cakes have evolved from the traditional white icing wedding cake, many still look to incorporate one or more wedding cake traditions into their wedding celebration.

A centerpiece of any wedding celebration, you want your wedding cake to reflect your love and partnership while reflecting some of the time-honored traditions that have formed throughout the years. When you are planning your wedding, spend some time considering these wedding cake traditions.

1. While modern wedding cakes typically have 3 to 7 layers, traditionally, a wedding cake has three tiers. The bottom tier is eaten at the ceremony, while the middle level is meant to be distributed after. The top tier is saved for either a first child christening or on the first wedding anniversary.

2. A white wedding cake is traditionally called the “bride’s cake,” Even though a wedding cake can be any color, many still use white as the base color. White is the color of tradition and purity and symbolizes the union of marriage.

3. Cutting the cake in front of wedding guests is done by both the bride and the groom. This tradition symbolizes the newlywed’s first task that’s done together. This highly anticipated activity means that cake will be served and offers excellent photo opportunities.

4. After cutting the cake, another tradition is to feed each other the cut cake to show off and represent their adoration and love for one another. Since this event usually takes place at the end of dinner, a modern twist incorporates the wedding couple squishing cake into each other’s faces.

5. Kissing over the wedding cake is a time-honored tradition that stretches back to the middle ages. Kissing over the wedding cake is believed to be a positive omen, and while you shouldn’t need an excuse to kiss your newlywed spouse, following this tradition is believed to bring good luck and fortune to your marriage.