How to Keep Wedding Flowers Fresh

Wedding Flowers Fresh

How to Keep Wedding Flowers Fresh

Getting married during the warmer months is a dream come true for many, especially for those getting married in a beautiful beach location, such as Turks and Caicos. However, tying the knot during the summer can pose a problem for your wedding flowers. The summer heat and sun, if not careful, can damage your flowers. Making them wilt during the worst possible moment, during your wedding day. The last thing anyone wants is to have wilted flowers present in their wedding photos, especially since wedding flowers are not cheap. Luckily, there are ways to keep your wedding flowers fresh, even if you are getting married in 100-degree weather.

How Can I Keep My Wedding Flowers Fresh in the Heat?

Keep Them Hydrated- Keeping your wedding flowers hydrated is key. Otherwise, without plenty of water, your flowers will likely wither quickly. Keeping flowers in room temperature water is the best way to keep your wedding flowers fresh. Too hot of a temperature and your flowers will dehydrate quickly; too cold can shock your flowers and make them wither quickly.

Keep Them in the Dark- While they are growing, flowers need light to bloom and flourish. However, once flowers are cut, too much light can make them wither away. So if you plan on storing your flowers until they are needed, keep them in a cool, dark area.

Use Vases or Buckets- For your wedding bouquets, keeping them hydrated is crucial if you want to have fresh-looking flowers in your photos. However, you still need your wedding bouquets to be quickly accessible. Keep vases or buckets nearby so you can easily place your bouquet in them when they are not needed to help keep them looking fresh on your big day. Just never store your wedding flowers near a vent or a drafty location.

Feed Your Flowers- If you want your wedding flowers to last a few days longer, ask your florist for advice on the best type of flower food to help keep your wedding flowers fresh for your big day. Your florist might even have a recommendation for a flower preservative that you can spray on your flowers. If you prefer the DIY route, look up some ways to create flower food with sugar and vinegar on the internet.