The Pros and Cons of an Evening Wedding Ceremony

Pros and Cons of an Evening Wedding Ceremony

The Pros and Cons of an Evening Wedding Ceremony

When you are planning a wedding, there is a lot to think about, but many don’t put too much thought into the time of day the wedding ceremony is held. Around 5 pm is when the average wedding ceremony starts, and many seem to follow this tradition. However, holding an evening wedding ceremony is becoming more popular, especially for night owls. However, holding a wedding in the evening may not be a suitable option for everyone. To help you decide, learn more about the pros and cons of an evening wedding ceremony.

What are the Pros and Cons of an Evening Wedding Ceremony?

The Pros:

Getting married in the evening can mean more time to sleep in and allows the opportunity to have a less hectic morning. This would be perfect for those who are not a morning person.
• Holding an evening wedding means you will have plenty of time to get your make-up and hair done without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. Plus, it gives you time to enjoy other forms of beauty treatments, if desired.
• An evening ceremony means you will have time to visit the venue you are using to ensure that everything is decorated to perfection.
• Getting married under the stars is super romantic and cannot be beaten. There is no better way to up the romantic factor of your wedding.
• Since many have already eaten dinner, there is less of a need for a large wedding dinner. Instead, a light buffet would be suitable for the occasion.
• There is no need to protect you and your guests from the sun, which means less money to spend on canopies.
• If there are any late-minute mishaps, having an evening ceremony can give you the time needed to sort things out.

The Cons:

Starting late means your ceremony will go late into the night unless you plan on having a very short wedding. This means the clean-up after your wedding will have to be done late at night.
• Getting married in the evening can make your day go by even quicker, especially since it won’t feel like an all-day event.
• A late start means a late end, which may not be suitable for some of your guests, especially those with children.
• From a photographer’s standpoint, evening shots can be very tough to take. Therefore, finding a photographer with experience in shooting portraits in the evening will become a necessity.
• Certain suppliers may not be able to work with an evening wedding, as well as your church or registry office. So if you are interested in an evening wedding, ask that question far in advance.
• Holding an evening wedding means your wedding will go quicker, so if you are looking to pull off a traditional wedding, then an evening wedding may not be the correct choice for you.
• The idea of saving money can go either way. While certain things might be cheaper, certain vendors and venues may charge you a premium price for holding an evening wedding ceremony.