Brides Biggest Regrets From Their Wedding Day

brides biggest regrets from their wedding day

Brides Biggest Regrets From Their Wedding Day

After spending months planning your wedding, we know you want it to be absolutely perfect. However, there are a lot of little things you may overlook that’ll make or break your day. Here are six things brides are deeming their biggest regrets from their wedding day. 

Brides Biggest Regrets From Their Wedding Day

Forgetting heel stoppers
I mean, do we even need to explain how stilettos and grass don’t mesh well? Whether you have an outdoor wedding or you’re posing for pictures out in the open, a bride should never forget to pack some heel stoppers. No one wants to walk around their own wedding with visible grass and mud stains on their heels. 

Not communicating with the photographer
As a photographer, knowing your subject brings the best results. If you’re camera shy or have a “better side,” let your photographer know. You should always be upfront with your expectations and what you want from the photoshoot. If you do not vocalize certain preferences, your photographer is left to do some improvising and guesswork. In simpler terms — ask and thou shall receive! 

Photos of guest
While capturing the perfect wedding photo of you and your spouse is paramount, a lot of brides wish they had more photos with their friends and family on their special day. Remember that you will look back on this day for the rest of your life, and you’ll want to remember all who were a part of it to make it special. 

Stress, planning, and more
Everyone knows planning a wedding is no easy feat, especially if you’re planning it alone without a professional. However, most brides feel too stressed about their upcoming wedding day to truly enjoy their engagement. Remember that there is no race to the alter. You’ll likely only get married once in your life, so take the time to cherish the sweet transition period of your engagement. 

Overthinking it
“Wedding body” “wedding arms” and “wedding workouts” are all things brides seem to search for months before their wedding. In actuality, no one cares about whether or not you have a “fit” body on your wedding day. Everyone is there to support you and celebrate the love shared between you and your significant other. Don’t stress yourself out over strict diets and weirdly harsh workouts. Enjoying yourself and spending time with loved ones is really all that matters. 

Booking the honeymoon
Though you may be itching to jet away with your new spouse, we suggest giving yourself a 1-2 day break after your wedding before you go off on your honeymoon. The days leading up to your wedding are incredibly stressful, and the wedding day itself will certainly tire you out. In order to really feel prepared and relaxed on your honeymoon, give yourself a little time to rest after your wedding day.