Winter Wedding: Planning, Tips & Ideas

Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding: Planning, Tips & Ideas

While many wish for a spring or summer wedding, winter weddings are not to be overlooked! In fact, winter weddings can be cozy and elegant and visually stunning if done correctly. Here are a few planning tips and ideas for a winter wedding. 

Winter Wedding: What to Consider

No, you don’t need to wait until summer to tie the knot. Winter weddings deserve some hype, too.

Embrace with decor: It’s so easy to give your wedding a cozy winter feel by embracing the right decor. Think about forest green garlands, candles, wintery bouquets, twinkling lights. You can even play up certain elements of your venue (if available). If the venue has a fireplace, have a warm photoshoot! For cutlery, aim for gold utensils that’ll remind everyone of the holidays. 

Destination: Live in the warmth year-round but still dig a winter wonderland wedding? Pack a bag and start trekking north. Colorado, New York and even Canada host gorgeous wedding options that’ll make you feel like you’re in a real-life snow globe. If you’re going for a winter destination, make sure the location and venue fulfill the wintery vibe: Soft twinkling lights, green trees, untouched blankets of snow. Look for somewhere that’s quaint, rustic and, of course, snowy. 

Hit the beach: If you’re dying for a sunny ceremony and can’t wait until June, you can always cave and hit the beach in the middle of January. Winter beach weddings in Miami are not only stunning but will also give your guests a much-needed break from the cold back home (depending on where you are located). 

Tips for the Winter

It’s winter, and all rules apply. The weather isn’t going to change solely for the day of your wedding, so it’s best to come prepared. Make sure you have lotion and chapstick on deck and anything else you’ll need to stay comfortable and hydrated throughout the day. 

Bring layers with you. No matter what the temperature is inside or outside the venue, it’s best to bring layers to shed or add on throughout the night. If you’re the bride, you can always sneak a pair of thicker tights under your dress. No one will know!

Be considerate of time. Again, the weather stops for no one. Some of your guests may have trouble getting to your wedding on time if harsh weather conditions persist. Expect unexpected changes and delays and stay cool.