Photos That Tell A Story: Capturing the Perfect Picture

Photos That Tell A Story

Photos That Tell A Story: Capturing the Perfect Picture

You want your wedding photos to be elegant, sweet and powerful. Simply put, you want wedding photos that tell a story. More specifically, you want your photos to tell the story of your evergrowing love and relationship. This begs the question — how do we capture a story through a photo?


Photos That Tell a Story: the Elements

In order to capture the perfect photo that tells a story, you’ll need all the necessary elements in place. 

Plan your story: Sometimes, the story occurs right in front of you while you’re holding your camera. However, most of the time you have a rough idea of what is going to happen at the photoshoot. It’s best to prepare for the story. What do you want these images to say, tell and share? How are you going to do so? This is essentially the first step in capturing any great photo: preparation and planning. Choose a narrative, then create it.

Lighting: Lighting can make or break any photo. The general rule of thumb is to shoot during the day when there’s great lighting, but you should also learn to be comfortable using different sources of light. This includes a camera flash or window light. 

Layer thoughtfully: In order to hold a viewer’s attention, you need an alluring photo. Adding layers to your images will really enhance your photo and keep your viewing hanging on just a little bit longer.  

Emotion: How do you harness someone’s attention during a story? Emotion. In order to tell the story, you need to connect with the viewer on a human level. What about the image will impact the viewer emotionally? If you have an element that has the power to tie in human emotion, use it!


Tips For Those Being Photographed

Even if you’re the one being photographed, you can still help create the perfect picture. 

Communicate with your photographer: When you’re comfortable around your photographer, you’re more open to try out new things. Building a bond or a sense of trust with your photographer can totally transform your shoot. You’ll be more inclined to step out of your comfort zone and try new things.

Don’t be afraid of failure: If you have an idea, try it. What’s the worst that happens? It doesn’t work and you move forward. What’s the best thing that happens? You create a breathtaking photo that you get to keep and share for the rest of your life. 

Act natural: Some of the most moving images are candid. When you’re capturing a special moment, try and forget the camera is there. Raw human interactions, gestures, and emotions are much stronger and powerful than posed pictures.