The Wedding Photography Checklist Every Bride Needs

Wedding Photography Checklist

The Wedding Photography Checklist Every Bride Needs

Your wedding day will come and go before you know it. All the months of preparation will culminate in a ceremony that will be over within what seems like a flash. While your big day may go by like a blur, you will want photographs recounting this incredibly special occasion. Wedding photos are not only great ways to capture this momentous celebration, but they will also capture those fun, detailed and intimate moments that you, as a bride may have overlooked with all the busyness and emotions of the day. A wedding photography checklist will ensure you capture each special moment.

You may already know which wedding photos you must have including those of the ceremony venue, the ceremony itself, your first kiss, the wedding party, the bridal party, those with close family members and of course those with just you two as a new couple. Besides these basic wedding day photos, are there other photos you should ask your photographer to capture?

Here’s the complete wedding photography checklist every bride needs:

The Wedding Invitation

You spend a lot of time coming up with the right wedding invitation to send. You may have spent even more time going through your long list of family members and friends making the final decision as to who gets invited. A fun (or elegantly staged) photo of the wedding invitation makes for a great opening photo for your wedding photo album as it will display the date, location and time of your wedding as well as list your maiden name for the last time.

The Rings

A photo of the two rings can make for a sweet and symbolic reminder of the dedication and vows the two of you made to each other on your wedding day.

The Bouquet

The flowers of your bouquet and those the groomsmen and bridesmaids wear are picked for a purpose. They either are the bride’s favorite or they display the theme colors of the wedding. The bouquet can also set the stage for how formal or casual the wedding is.

The Getting Ready

While you may be flustered getting ready to walk the aisle, this is the perfect time for your wedding photographer to get creative and capture those intimate, behind the scenes emotions. These moments make such special wedding memories. Your wedding is a significant event and the getting ready phase helps capture all your wedding day entails.

Photos with the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Besides the bride and groom, the youngest wedding participants often steal the show with their cute attire and innocent, care-free behavior. Serious or funny, staged or candid, pictures of the ring bearer and flower girl can bring personality and light-heartedness to your wedding memories.

Walking Down the Aisle

Pictures of the bride walking down the aisle with her dad and the groom standing at the altar are up there with the ring exchange, the kiss, and first dance when it comes to wedding photo musts. The aisle photos capture the first time the groom and guests see your dress and behold your full beauty. It is at this moment that you’ll look your best and that’s something you’ll want to capture and remember.

Candid Bride and Groom Moments

While you’ll want portraits of you as a couple, with close friends and the wedding party, candid pictures of just the two of you as a couple will truly capture those intimate moments of love and happiness between you.

The Wedding Cake

Chances are, you won’t spend this much on a cake ever again. You likely won’t enjoy such a large, elaborate cake ever again. Why not capture it?

The Exit

All weddings come to a close. Just as taking pictures of the invitation, wedding venue and you getting ready to capture the build-up to the wedding ceremony, a picture of the bride and groom joyously leaving the venue as a couple is a fun and beautiful way to conclude your wedding day.

The wedding day is one day to not be forgotten, but rather documented and remembered. While it is not possible to capture every moment and item in the wedding, certain elements such as getting ready and candid pictures of the couple and their guests are elements that should not be ignored.

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