12 Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Day Photos

12 Tips for Getting the Best Wedding Day Photos

The photos from your wedding will be the record of every beautiful moment you had that special day. They will be what you and your spouse will look at as you reminisce, display in your home and office, and will show to posterity years down the road. You’ll want photos that perfectly capture the happiness of your day and by taking the right steps, you can achieve it.

Here are 12 tips to getting those perfect wedding day pictures:

  1. Begin Researching Early:

    It is recommended that you begin your wedding photographer research a year before your wedding. Get recommendations from recently married couples you know and online. Carefully and thoroughly comb over each wedding photographer’s website and photo gallery. You need to get an idea of their style and determine whether it’s the style that you want your wedding day memories captured in.

  2. Think Critically:

    As you review photos, consider key moments you want to capture at your own wedding: Did this photographer capture great shots that you’d also like to have? Look for thoughtful compositions and intimate moments that only an experienced artist might look for. Make sure people look relaxed, natural, and in-the-moment, not surprised by the camera.

  3. Interview Photographers:

    Like a job interview, someone can look good on paper (or through photos), but have a personality that may clash against yours. You can’t truly tell if a wedding photographer will be a good fit until you meet and interact with him either in person or on the phone.

  4. Compare Packages and Options:

    Ask each photographer what is standard as far as time and coverage goes. Most packages cover an entire wedding from getting ready to the end of the reception, but some may not. Some cover prints and others charge additional. Some give you digital images to print on your own and others charge for digital images or over a certain number or edited image. Be sure to know exactly what you’re getting

  5. Confirm the Photographer:

    Depending on whether you hire a freelance photographer or decide on a photographer working for a studio with many other photographers, you’ll have to make sure that the same photographer you met with in person and felt comfortable around will be the one shooting at your wedding day.

  6. Sign a Contract/Agreement:

    Once you’ve settled on a wedding photographer, get and sign a written contract that has all the details including the wedding date, the hours that will be covered and when and how you’ll get the final photos.

  7. Schedule an Engagement Shoot:

    It is always a good idea to meet with the photographer and have him or her take pictures of you and your fiancé before the wedding. This pre-wedding shoot will give you the opportunity to get comfortable with the photographer, observe him or her in action and see the kinds of photos he or she takes.

  8. v Limit Your Shot List:

    Don’t try to get pictures of every combination of guests or extended relatives at your wedding. This will waste precious time. Instead, limit your shot list to a few of the most important ones and the photographer will capture the rest of the unforgettable moments as they come.

  9. Have a Realistic Schedule:

    Things can, and often, don’t go as planned. Allot extra time into your wedding day schedule in preparation for mishaps that can happen.

  10. Keep Your Head Up:

    Walking down the aisle and saying your vows can provoke great emotions. Many couples miss out on the true essence of the moment because their heads are lowered in the attempt to deal with the anxiety, joy, or wide range of overwhelming emotions they are experiencing. You’ll want to see the joy in both of your face as you marry so remember to keep your head up, not just for the photos, but to fully experience each moment.

  11. Consider the Lighting:

    Lighting is often overlooked in weddings and many couples don’t consider what may be needed for great photos. The right lighting is needed for the perfect pictures. Be aware of how the lighting will change throughout the day such as when the sun sets and lighting inside the venue. Your photographer can give you lighting tips based on experience.

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