5 Must-Have Wedding Picture Ideas

Wedding Picture Ideas

5 Must-Have Wedding Picture Ideas

Your wedding day is most certainly the most important of your life. Photos are an essential part of keeping the memory of these special moments alive. You know you want your wedding day documented, but which wedding picture ideas are the most essential to preserving those memories?

There are many opinions on what the essential wedding photos are and the number of photos you have may depend on your style, budget, duration of the ceremony and celebrations, etc. Regardless of your budget, style or wedding photographer, you will want to have photos that document the whole wedding, from the preparation to the final precious moments.

Keep the memory of your wedding day alive with these 5 must-have wedding picture ideas:

1. The Pre-Wedding Photo

Your wedding day begins long before the guests are seated and the bride is walking down the aisle. A lot of preparation must be done before you get to the ‘I do’s’. Photos of the bride, groom, and wedding party getting ready to capture precious moments of excitement and anticipation.

The wedding day is like a story with the ceremony being the climax. As anyone knows how a good story goes, it has a beginning that builds up to the main event, and the pre-wedding preparation is such a special beginning.

2. Portrait of the Bride

A wedding isn’t a wedding without the bride. She is, without a doubt, the focal point of the day. It’s her special day so she deserves to be adored. With bridal portraits, you’ll not only capture and document the person who is the main focal point of the wedding, but the extra attention she gets through being a key photo subject makes her feel beautiful and doted on, almost like a
model. What woman doesn’t want to feel like that?

And don’t forget the dress. Because after all, what is a bride without the dress she’s been dreaming of possibly since childhood?

3. A Few Candid Guests Photos

It would be amiss to not have pictures of your wedding guests, the ones who shared your big day with you. Pictures of the wedding party, the flower girl, and ring bearer are special guests you’ll want to make sure to photograph, as well as the rest of the crowd. You’ll want to capture tears as the bride walks down the aisle, the laughter and joy created in celebration, and of course if there’s a reception, you won’t want to miss seeing your guests have a good time as they celebrate your love.

4. The First Dance

Besides saying the vows at the altar, this photo captures the bride and groom together in one of the most special traditional moments of their union. This first dance is the first, intimate moment shared between the now husband and wife. This moment is full of emotion that is irreplaceable.

The photo of the father-daughter dance is also another emotional and tender photo that is a hallmark of every wedding. It is an endearing moment that you’d regret not including.

5. Wedding Décor

Every wedding has a theme, color scheme, and personality. No two weddings are the same. The unique feel and personality of your wedding are reflected in the ceremony and reception venues, the decorations, and of course the flowers.

Photos of everything from table settings at the receptions to the floral arrangements at the altar, are great to have to keep the essence and memory of the big day alive.

No matter how large or small, formal or casual your wedding is, you’ll want plenty of professional photos documenting your day so you can cherish and relive the fond memories and the right style of fine art photography can perfectly showcase that. To allow you to truly enjoy your big day, hire a professional wedding photographer and note that you want special attention paid to the five must-have wedding photos listed above.